At EyeKon Entertainment, We help venues and events coordinators find quality artist for their events weather it’s a performer, MC ,DJ or Band


 Matt Shaw, Owner

My passion for music started at an early age as I was classically trained in piano at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto when I was 5, when I moved to Barrie I taught myself how to play guitar and was trained in jazz guitar. At 18 I started DJing private parties and weddings but wanted to expand from there and help other artists to get more visibility.

I started EyeKon Entertainment as I wanted to create a connection between the local music community and event coordinators from Barrie to the GTA. I wanted to make it easy for an event planner to find just the right musical fit for their event and on the other side ensuring local musicians are getting their names out to the community and playing venues that they enjoy.

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